Our Projects

Science On Wheels

This is the inception project of Vasundhara Public Charitable Trust in 1995, wherein the team of dedicated teachers reached out the schools in remote villages with a laboratory in vehicle. The students were encouraged to work on the experiments and come to their own conclusions under the expertise guidance of the Vasundhara teachers.

This project covers around 90 schools and 6,000 students every year.

Eureka Hall

The micro version of the Science Centre, here the students are encouraged to perform hands-on-experiment and under the results of exploration in a scientific manner. An embodiment of the curiosity, questions and answers wherein the students can have a firsthand feel on the experimentation and the joys of thinking through a scientific processed thought flow that can be applied to day to day life.

National Talent Search Training

In the area and during the time when school dropouts were high, Vasundhara took to training the students for the National Talent Search and around 600 students from in and around Kudal have participated in this program. Amongst these 54 students have made us proud by successfully competing in these examinations and seizing the opportunity through their talents.

Dr. Homi Bhabha Child Scientist Exam

Our students has shown great enthusiasm and passion to compete at Local and National levels in these examinations. The students of Vasundhara have excelled at Dr. Homi Bhabha Child Scientist Examination with 3 Gold Medals and 18 Silver Medals amongst which 2 achieved the coveted title of National Child Scientist.

Science Park

Through the Science Park, Vasundhara Science Center aims to communicate in a very natural and articulate way with the students and make them understand the concepts of Science in a very informal and interesting outdoor environment.

This an attempt to reach out to the masses and explain to them the developments in Science and Technology which will encourage creativity and spirit of inquiry and awareness among the students of this region.

3d Science Fiction Movie Theatre

The center has a 3D Science Fiction Movie theatre wherein the rural students enjoy the amazing science and action packed movies which are educational as well as thought provoking.

Women Empowerment

Vasundhara Science Centre has introduced a mixture of platforms with pure social origin for the local community and special efforts for women empowerment to enhance their confidence and self-esteem in the society.

Other Projects

Vasundhara Science Center also caters to the need to quench the thirst for knowledge of the rural students with the Mobile library.

Vasundhara Science Center also encourages the students to yearn for unearthing the mysteries of the universe through Sky Gazing sections.

Various training for Students, Teachers and General public are held at regular intervals at Vasundhara Science center.

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