Our Vision & Mission


This is an effort to nurture and groom the young fertile minds of rural villages into a scientific and progressive thinking minds. This is a small step to reconstruct the rural India mindset with the emphasis on development of scientific attitude.

To awaken the curiosity and to foster creative thinking in young rural students which will enhance and broaden their understanding to the environment around them.

To encourage the students to cast aside their learning fears and move towards a more confident Hands-On-Activities knowledge acquisition with respect Science and Mathematics. Thus creating an environment of inquisition and exploration to understand the basis scientific and mathematical concepts.

To bring up a center of excellence with unique and interesting teaching methods bringing in a new thought process and thinking vision in the rural students.


We want to make Vasundhara Science Center a comprehensive Learning and Development Training Center for all the inquisitive learners with a unique set of hands-on-activity knowledge which will empower the individual to perform better and prepare themselves to tackle the challenges across their academic, professional and personal development area. There are a couple of plans for the students of our Sindhudhurg region.


As we all are aware that Geography is the initiation of Science and its development, Vasundhara Science Center is planning a student centric Geography Park which will encourage students to learn more about our global knowledge through outdoor activities.


Vasundhara Science Center looks at a bigger picture for the masses of Sindhudhurg region by having a full-fledged Planetarium in our center.


This center is the result of a dream dreamt by a common man to take India towards the realm of progress and development. Shri Chandrakant Babaji Naik, dared to dream such a dream, with the conviction that India will development on holistic basis when the rural thought process undergoes a change towards scientific thinking from the superstitious thinking.

CB Naik strongly believed that to ensure the...

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Vasundhara Science on Wheels

Life Time Achievement Award Acceptance Speech - Shri C. B. Naik

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